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Queremos sus opiniones sobre Http:// también! Vallan a la página web, hagan un perfil secreto y escriban lo que piensan acerca de las milongas y practicas de Buenos Aires. Nos dicen acerca de cuales son sus favoritas, en español, por supuesto! El sitio web es para todo el mundo. Así que si hablas otro idioma escribí algo en tu propia lengua. muchas gracias!

September 23, 2013 |

Organizas practicas, milongas o festivales? Lea esto primero!!!!


Te invitamos para que agregues tu milonga o practica en nuestro sitio web.

Esto hace que personas que visiten la ciudad te encuentren facilmente.

Puedes añadir o cambiar informacion sobre tu milonga or practica en el sitio web.

Ir a

Crea un perfil , despues debes ir a la página de tu Milonga o practica, selecciona “CLAIM LISTING” y luego elegir la opción “CONTINUE”

Una vez que estes registrado y aprobado como organizador puedes hacer cambios o agregar fotos. También puedes agregar otras milongas, practicas y festivales.

Si necesitas más ayuda no dudes en preguntar!

September 19, 2013 |

Organizers Read this FIRST


Welcome to! Have you done a search for your milonga yet?  Try it out. Take a look around and then come right back. We have something very important to tell you. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…… What did you see?

  1.  If you are a brand new milonga or not in located in Buenos Aires you might not have found anything at all.  But that is easy to fix. Look up in the center of the grey bar and you will see “REGISTER to list or Review a tango event”  Click on it and follow the steps.   Easy. Problem solved…  after you list your milonga, practica or festival, don’t forget to tell people about it, so they can write reviews for your listing.  Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have ANY questions.
  2. If your event IS listed, that is good.  But there is still plenty for you to do.  You can “CLAIM” your listing. When you do this, you are allowed to customize your listing. You should add photos and a description of your event. You can also add more contact information like your email address, website, facebook page and twitter. You are welcome to come and update your page as often as you like.  I also suggest that you tell people about your listing and remind them to write reviews.  The more reviews you have the more visibility your event has on our site.

Thanks for visiting the site and again don’t hesitate to let us know if you have ANY questions.   the QSLM team

August 8, 2013 |

How to REALLY get the most from

0 is designed to be a peer review site.  There are a lot of places where you can get information about what milongas are happening on which nights… but until now there hasn’t ever been ONE place to get MULTIPLE  unbiased reviews of  the milongas happening in Buenos Aires RIGHT NOW.  We want to be that place.

The world of tango changes rapidly, your favorite milonga from your first trip to Buenos Aires, may not even be there when you make it back. The practica that everyone  went to when your friend was in Bs.As in the fall  may have changed location, name, time, day of the week or popularity by the time you arrive in the spring.  We know that dancers arrive to Buenos Aires with binders full of notes that they have collected from friends, blogs and teachers.  WE DID TOO.  All in an effort to maximize their time and squeeze every last drop out of their Buenos Aires experience. We believe can help.

But for this to work, we need everyone to to join in on the fun. So take some time to review your favorite milonga or the milonga you liked the least (someone will thank you) In fact the more reviews you write the better the site becomes. It doesn’t need to be fancy we just want to know your thoughts.

Tell your friends and check back often.

It’s simple.

Now….. Que Siga La Milonga!



~ the QSLM team~

July 1, 2013 |
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