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It started as an idea, one night before a milonga (discussed over a bottle of Malbec, of course). We thought it would be good if there was a site that visitors to Buenos Aires could use to find current information about milongas and practicas in Buenos Aires. Up to now most people gather information the same way. They talk to everyone they know that has been to Buenos Aires. They search through endless blogs. The gather all of this information to and come to Buenos Aires, to start again, asking people at classes, reading the listings in the tango magazines…    BUT  what if all of this information was in one place.

What if you could see your friends opinions, as well as those opinions of people who were in Buenos Aires a few weeks before you arrive. Or even the same week as you arrive.  This is the purpose of

We hope that we can have current reviews for all of the milongas, practicas and festivals  in Buenos Aires.  Eventually we would like to provide reviews for milongas, practicas, and festivals all over the world.  We know it’s a big goal. We like to DREAM BIG.   And like most big dreams, we know it wont be easy. We still have a lot of work to do.   We think it’s worth it.  We hope you do too.


the QSLM team.

March 24, 2013 |
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