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Mujercitas Tango Festival (3rd Edition)


The Mujercitas Tango festival is happening from August 29th through September 1st in Buenos Aires. On the first day of the festival all of the instructors did a exhibition at the SoHo Tango Milonga at Villa Malcolm.


Maria Ines Bogado

Cristina Sosa

Roxana Suarez

Virginia Gomez

Noelia Hurtado

Virginia Pandolfi

August 31, 2013 |

Champions of Mudial de Tango (Pista) perform at Salon Canning


After the final of the Mundial both the  first and second place couples arrived at Salon Canning. There had already been two other couples performing earlier in the evening, but the crowd  insisted and the winners agreed to a impromptu exhibition.






August 27, 2013 |

What’s going on in Berlin?


It’s August 23rd and while the Buenos Aires tango community is consumed with the Mundial de Tango, Europe and the internets are all a buzz about the festival that was SUPPOSED to be happening right now – “Tango Experience Berlin.”

No one is exactly sure what happened, but the festival is canceled.  Apparently the maestros who had traveled to Berlin from various cities in Europe and from Buenos Aires were informed of the cancellation only moments before they were scheduled to teach their first classes.

A local newspaper the the Berliner Morgenpost reported that the manager of  Café Moskau, where the event was supposed to be held and the director of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, both received news of the festival’s cancellation by SMS message.

While the guest teachers transportation and hotel costs have been covered, they have not yet received any compensation. Also there have been no announcements about refunding festival and class purchases for the many tango dancers that traveled to Berlin for the festival.  The full festival pass was 260 Euros.

The Tango Experience Berlin website is no longer functioning, but there have been a series of facebook messages on the event’s facebook page in both German and English.  The most recent post was posted in English around 6pm in Buenos Aires (UTC-03:00) on August 23rd. It read:

Dear Experience Guests,

the Experience has been pressured to either take expensive actions, or to submit to accepting much higher services fees, as originally agreed on by contract. This continues struggle had major impact on the flow of organizing the Experience, as well as its financial standing.

The company organizing the Experience had to file bankruptcy today. No other solution was left or insight.

Frank Eggers 
Tango Experience Berlin

Many of the local Berlin milonga organizers and teachers are working hard to create events to fill the weekend for the hundreds of dancers that are already in Berlin. I am not sure what will happen next but it sounds like for those people it definitely is a Tango Experience in Berlin. 


~~ What do you think is happening in Berlin?  Leave a comment below.

~~ If you are in Berlin I would love to hear about your experience, leave a comment or write a review for Tango Experience Berlin 

August 23, 2013 |

Organizers Read this FIRST


Welcome to! Have you done a search for your milonga yet?  Try it out. Take a look around and then come right back. We have something very important to tell you. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…… What did you see?

  1.  If you are a brand new milonga or not in located in Buenos Aires you might not have found anything at all.  But that is easy to fix. Look up in the center of the grey bar and you will see “REGISTER to list or Review a tango event”  Click on it and follow the steps.   Easy. Problem solved…  after you list your milonga, practica or festival, don’t forget to tell people about it, so they can write reviews for your listing.  Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have ANY questions.
  2. If your event IS listed, that is good.  But there is still plenty for you to do.  You can “CLAIM” your listing. When you do this, you are allowed to customize your listing. You should add photos and a description of your event. You can also add more contact information like your email address, website, facebook page and twitter. You are welcome to come and update your page as often as you like.  I also suggest that you tell people about your listing and remind them to write reviews.  The more reviews you have the more visibility your event has on our site.

Thanks for visiting the site and again don’t hesitate to let us know if you have ANY questions.   the QSLM team

August 8, 2013 |

How to REALLY get the most from

0 is designed to be a peer review site.  There are a lot of places where you can get information about what milongas are happening on which nights… but until now there hasn’t ever been ONE place to get MULTIPLE  unbiased reviews of  the milongas happening in Buenos Aires RIGHT NOW.  We want to be that place.

The world of tango changes rapidly, your favorite milonga from your first trip to Buenos Aires, may not even be there when you make it back. The practica that everyone  went to when your friend was in Bs.As in the fall  may have changed location, name, time, day of the week or popularity by the time you arrive in the spring.  We know that dancers arrive to Buenos Aires with binders full of notes that they have collected from friends, blogs and teachers.  WE DID TOO.  All in an effort to maximize their time and squeeze every last drop out of their Buenos Aires experience. We believe can help.

But for this to work, we need everyone to to join in on the fun. So take some time to review your favorite milonga or the milonga you liked the least (someone will thank you) In fact the more reviews you write the better the site becomes. It doesn’t need to be fancy we just want to know your thoughts.

Tell your friends and check back often.

It’s simple.

Now….. Que Siga La Milonga!



~ the QSLM team~

July 1, 2013 |
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